How to Update Case Comments using Rest API or any other way


Hi Community

I am planning to create a Offline Chat system in my Bonita BPM Portal.
The Idea is to use the Case comment section to post comments .
The scenario is that All the Users / Approvers who perform tasks in the Portal can switch tab and post comments for particular task in the portal.
Now using Rest API , I am able to show these comments to users in an living app / External Page.
But the challenge here is that, the users who are viewing the comment should have an option to reply back to these comments.
How could I add comments to a case using External REST API ?
Or is there any other method that can be used to Post comments to active cases. ?
Is there any code available or example available ?

Also is there a better way to implement something like this using Process variable or BDM or any other way.

Please suggest.


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This one is the BEST answer!

Well, Never mind, I found a solution.