How to use UUID as persistenceId?



Is it possible to use UUID as database persistenceId? If not, is it possible to hide persistenceId on Rest API results?


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Hello Andrea,

Which Bonita Version do you use? UUID is a Bonita V5 terminology.

* If you use Bonita V5, yes the UUID is a unique number in the system.

If you use Bonita V6/V7, what is for you the UUID? Do you speak about a Business Data Model or about a Bonita Engine (then a caseID?)

* if you want to describe a BDM, the persistenceId (a Long value) is unique per Business Object (for an Object Employee, persistenceId=5 is a unique object)

* if this is for an object in the Bonita Engine (a case, a process, a user), the ID is unique too. UserId = 4 is unique.

Hope this help,