How to Write On Database in Bonitasoft


i am totaly new in this field ,

i want to write on database in bonitasoft how can i query database ( insert query)

i am able to connect database and retrive data using connector , but now how can i store data into database

i use oracle 10g external database

thanks and regards

kandarp patel

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Hi Kandarp,

There are some ways to do that: connector, groovy script... what you'd like to do? Can you send us an example?



Submitted by kppatel on Tue, 03/25/2014 - 05:25

hi rafael.vianna ,

Thanks for replying

pl find following example

I create one form in bonitasoft named : employee Details .

field :

name (text_field) (java.lang.string)
surname (text_field) (java.lang.string)
address (text_Area) (java.lang.string)
email (text_field) (java.lang.string)
contact (text_field) (java.lang.iniger)

I m using external database oracle 10g ,
now i want to store this information into my oracle database table : 'Emp_mst'

table desc :

ename varchar2(20)
esurname varchar2(20)
eaddress varchar2(50)
eemail varchar2(10)
econtact number

so how can i store this information to my database table .