I have to convert a data table fetched from database into csv format and user should be download this csv file. How will i be able to do that

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You have two possibilities.

1/ create the CSV in a connector (or a Groovy connector) and save it in a Bonita Document. For the user, use a Download to get the information.

==> More code to do

Document to save in the process variable

more robust if the list is big

2/ via a REST API, produce the value on the form, then use the ALASQL widget: user can collect the information from the browser


Ps: in this option, you saved the information in a Process Variable (List of Map), then use the REST API Context to get this information to the browser


==> easiest

Attention, if the number of records is over 500, the REST API needs time to get all theses information to the browser, and the browser should not display a such big list. So, you have to use the first options

PS: a video explaining how to use the REST API CONTEXT : https://youtu.be/M9Y8xaHZFRo