I need help with the Chart Widget


Hello , I am trying to use Chart Widget in my application. I am not able to understand how i can bind data with the chart widget. By Default there are some values. When I try to bind my variable with the cart, the chart does not show anything. I am confused as to how we can bind values to chart widget. Please share some detailed steps or example which i can follow.


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Hi Roy,

Here you have documentation page which points to the library used for more advance configuration

Have in mind that to bind a variable into a Dynamic Value property you need to switch it to expression by clicking on it:

|| Extract of embeded help of UID ||

Dynamic value -
Use a dynamic value field to specify a constant (the default) or an expression. Click the expression icon fx to switch from constant to expression. Click the constant icon X to switch from expression to constant. An expression can include a variable to make the property value dynamic, or can simply be the name of a variable. You can apply a filter to a variable value using a pipe. The binding to the variable is a read. If you want to write to the variable, use a bidirectional bond. Examples:
  • Define a condition for widget visibility, userAge > 18
  • Define table headers as the value of a variable: myArrayVariable
  • Apply a filter to the value of a variable: selectedUser | json