If Manager is out of office how to handle forms to approve



I want to ask a question about leave of absence.

If a manager name A leaves office for vacation and fills a form and gives power of attorney to Manager name B. So Forms for approval or any workflow process goes to Manager B to approve.

How can this be made by Bonita? Is there an internal system or how?

Sorry for my English.


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Hi gurolgencel,

My 2 cents: a simple solution would be implemented at the 'Organization' level.

A good practice in user/groupe/actor/role management is to avoid having user name specified as actor.

In this exemple, let assume Manager A is the Vice President IT and his position holds the approval responsibility in process P1, P2 and P4.

Ideally, you'll have defined a organization role named "VP-IT":


Then, you will specify that the Manager A (Jan Fisher) in this snapshot plays the role of VP-IT (and member of group /acme/it).


Finally, make sure to configure the relevant pools (in processes P1, P2 and P4) so that its actor is mapped to the VP-IT (member of /acme/it) organisation role.

When Manager A leaves, he just has to make sure it is specified that Manager B plays also the role of VP-IT... and to rollback the change once back at work.

I hope that helps.



Thank you for your reply I will try this.