Import fom BonitaSoft 6.5 .bos file to BonitaSoft 7.2.1 is missing scripts



I want to import some .bos files from BonitaSoft 6.5 to 7.2.1.

Now if I try to Build the file, I get an error, saying:
Condition expression "action == 2" failed to export left operand:

After research I found this entry:

which is saying that maybe some additional files are missing.
So I checked the previous Process dependecies and compared them, and there are some "scripts and connectors" not displayed.
This is the picture how it looks like in the 7.2.1:
This is a picture how it (should look and) is displayed in 6.5:

(If you know a way, how to display all scripts being used, it would be also very helpful, and maybe also how can I find the scripts without bonita.)

Thanks for any hints and advices,
regards Eli

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