Important File locations (Solved)



SOLVE: Should have looked a little deeper. Looks like the webform is inside the .proc file. I went to where I created the form in the first place and there it is in the list. Much better than trying to manage separate files.

I'd like to know where files are located that make up a project. I've found of course the workspace and the corresponding default folder. Diagrams was easy. I've started a webform on one computer and need to get it to another computer for remote work. I'm using Mercurial as distributed source control but I can't locate the webform file. I don't see a need to source control the entire workspace as there seems to be a great many files in there. Maybe I'm wrong on that?

So, quick question is what folder are the webforms stored in? I searched the workspace but didn't find any new files.

Thanks, Jerry

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