Input and output parameter in UiPath connector


Good morning,

In order to the UiPath connector that I installed in Bonita Studio, I have created a small flow in Bonita, this will start a form and then a service task will launch UiPath to fulfill automatically this form (I have a small process that fills the form in UiPath).

I am having problems in the configuration of the input/output parameters in the connector, I don't have any input to be filled in Bonita as the input is filled by UiPath, and I don't have any output neither, but it seems I need to put any o input or output if not the "finish" button is not enabled.

Any idea why? The input and output parameters are mandatories?

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when using the UIPath "start job" input parameters what UIPath jobs expects to start. a call back url to execute a bonita task is a good example. Leave the array blank if you don't need this

output parameters may be catch, let's say in a process variable, since UIPath gives you information about the started UIPath job, and then you can call next "Get Job" connector and use the job ID given by the previous output