Input Text field with File Upload and Download


I want one input text and one select box with multiple files upload at the start of the process and read the file and text inputs in the next step. I have reviewed the DemoUploadFileDiagram which demonstrates an upload and download documents in the middle of the process.
I am usingthis link for multiple file uploading. I have added one input type text field using bonita ui. and used Externel api to get JSON value from first step.I have used contract and process variable as nameContract and nameProcessVariable. And set at operation at each step that "nameProcessVariable" Takes value of "nameContract". I have done the same thing on third step like second step.
JSON in first step is:

"myMultipleDocumentsContract": [null],
"myDocumentContract": {},
"nameContract": "Test default value"
Then i Get value in second step using code:

Externel API: ../API/bpm/activityVariable/{{taskId}}/nameProcessVariable
and to get value in next step i am doing :
if(angular.isUndefined($data.formOutput) && angular.isDefined($data.context)) {
return {
"myMultipleDocumentsDeleteContract": $data.context.myMultipleDocuments_ref,
"myMultipleDocumentsContract": [],
"myDocumentContract": null,
"nameContract": nameProcessVariable.value
} else {
return $data.formOutput;

but when i submit form at seconfd step this gives me error that "Error submit form".I also want to get this value in third step. What should i do.

Thank you.

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This one is the BEST answer!

I'm not sure if this is what casue the problem in this particular case, but as far as I know, you cannot use "null" value to fulfill the contract (you send null value in 'myDocumentContract' property of json).

To get more information you can check bonita server logs, it should explain the error.

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