Integrating ADF & Bonita + Actionable email (Appoval via Email)


hi all,

i'm new to this Bonita BPM Engine and trying to integrate bonita to adf application (12.2.1). can i merge the bonita tasklist to one of my adf page ? or i have to built the Bonita REST Api then from my adf application will consume that REST Api and show the returned data in my adf Application ?

and then does Bonita support the actionable email like Oracle BPM ? so the approver will get notification from email and then he can approve/reject from that email by replying the email.

btw, i have just finished the getting started tutorial here :

and i can create the travel request smoothly if i access it from the portal. but if i access it from my newly created application then i'm get stuck cannot submit the request. tried to inspect it using chrome it showing this error :

POST http://localhost:35268/bonita/portal/resource/process/Travel%20Request/1... 401 (Unauthorized)
(anonymous) @ vendor.min.js:90
m @ vendor.min.js:86
f @ vendor.min.js:83
(anonymous) @ vendor.min.js:115
$eval @ vendor.min.js:129
$digest @ vendor.min.js:126
$apply @ vendor.min.js:130
(anonymous) @ vendor.min.js:220
c @ vendor.min.js:35

anyone having same problem ?



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