I've tried many times but my BDM contains the same error messages


Can someone give me advice while working on my BDM? It is for a schoolproject: the municipality arranges applications for energy-saving measures. Here, citizens of the municipality can apply for a loan for measures such as insulating glass, heat pumps, floor, roof and wall insulation. a department handles the received application. If the application does not meet the conditions, a rejection will follow. If the application is satisfactory, an approval letter will follow. From that moment on, an amount is reserved (deposit) with another department. The municipality charges a fixed interest rate of 2%, but that could change in the future.

I need to create a separate Business Object (Define Business Data Model) and fill in the master data (Development> Business Data Model> Browse data (h2 console)…).
Then create a Custom Query (Define Business Data Model) and apply it in the correct activity (Operations)

I have tried it many times, but I keep making the same mistake and I do not know what that mistake is...

I hope someone can help me.


Submitted by nicolas.chabanoles on Mon, 03/30/2020 - 11:55


Thanks for the explanations on the context.

First, just to be sure, to insert master data in your BDM you are not supposed to do it manually by browsing the H2 database. You should create a process responsible to insert data using operations (on a task system task for instance). By doing so, it will automatically generate persistenceId for each object (record) and keep the database cache up-to-date.

Then, could you share with us the error message you get? So that we could provide more help.

Captain Bonita

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