Java Engine API Error - LocalDate serialization


Hi guys,

As my colleague said (in french here ), we have an unexpected behavior with the Java API for Bonita 7.5.

When trying to start a new process with a LocalDate in the contract, we have the following error :
Error while validating expected inputs: [java.time.Ser@271a6dc7 cannot be assigned to LOCALDATE]

I created a new Definition process, taking only 'myDate' LOCALDATE in the initialization contract

Then I execute this simple Java code :

        public void startSimpleProcessWithContract() {
                try {
                        final Map<String, Serializable> propositionsInput = new HashMap<>();
                        propositionsInput.put("myDate", LocalDate.of(2017, 4, 12));
                        app.startProcessWithContractInput(app.getProcessLastVersionId("POC_InitDate"),propositionsInput );
                } catch (Exception e) {
        public static void startProcessWithContractInput(Long processId, Map<String, Serializable> instantiationInputs ) throws Exception {
                        logger.debug("Entree dans la methode startProcessWithoutValues [id=" + processId + "].");
                        ProcessInstance processInstance = null;
                        try {
                                processInstance = processAPI.startProcessWithInputs(processId, instantiationInputs);
                                logger.debug("Instance démarrée : " + processInstance.getId());
                        } catch (Exception e) {
                                String errorMessage = "Erreur lors du démarrage du process" + e.getMessage();
                                logger.error(errorMessage, e);
                                throw e;

My code is executed in Eclipse, with a maven-compiler-plugin set to 1.8 (JDK 8)
I wonder if it is a product's bug or if we did something wrong.

Any idea ?

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