Javascript Error and Converting Id to Name in Custom Case Overview



I have an error in my custom overview page. My error is java script cannot execute properly and my conversion of id to name using the API identity is not working.

The java script contains this one. $item is the value of my collection. It gets the value of the company in my bdm. Since this is a custom overview for me to get the value of bdm i created a container a put the value in collection.

var comp = $;
var type = ".png";
var pic = comp == '' ? "white.png" : comp.concat(type);
return pic;

The other error I got is my API Identity fails to convert my id from my bdm. This is the value of my API that converts id to name. The $item gets the value from bdm.


This is my page for case overview for reference.

Where did I go wrong. Please help.


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I see your issue. You can't use the $item variable in an External API variable as it would be evaluated out of the container context, therefore the $item won't be resolved.

It's something that would be really handy but it's not available at this time.

What would you have to do is to prepare with Javascript the information you would need to display in the multiple containers.



Submitted by Sean McP on Tue, 03/14/2017 - 23:23

as Lionel has pointed out it would be useful but isn't available, I would add it to the Idea's forum and maybe Lionel can support it and it will be in a future release of the software :)


Submitted by ChristianMichae... on Wed, 03/15/2017 - 10:42

Hi Guys,

So what workaround do I need to do to handle the javascript and external API variable that converts id to name. Can you modify the page overview that I send so that I can have any idea for this?