Javascript inside a Bonita Designer form



I have a observation.
The Scenario is that I have a custom Living app page. There I have 2 separate Lists of type multiple.
My contract is a Single list of Type multiple.

What i am doing here is Adding the values of the 2 lists together and sending it to my contract.
I am using JavaScript to perform this.
In side the custome page , it works fine.

Now along the process , I need to do the same inside the process.
This time its a Bonita portal form . I am using the same JavaScript code in the formOutput section but its does not respond . I am getting a contract violation error . If I remove the JavaScript and simple Add it like
Contract = $data.formInput.List1 then it works fine.

Is there any restriction inside forms to use the same JavaScript that we can use inside Living app page .

Also is there any specific ways to implement Javascript in forms using any other script ?

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a query in the form the user who initiates the process can enter multiple numbers, could make the sum of the multiple data?
what happens that I do something similar but I can not add all the multiple data that the user enters

una consulta en el formulario el usuario que inicia el proceso puede ingresar multiples numero, pudo realizar la suma de los multiples datos ?
lo que pasa que hago algo similar pero no logro sumar todos los datos multiples que ingresa el usuario


See my answer here:


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