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hi! i'm realy new in this world of bonitaBPM so please i hope your comprension. my question is:
how to create a table with a java.util.list in UI Designer, i'm making a form with a table but i can't set the parameter(java.util.list). The conector that i use is de CMIS to connect with alfresco and take a list of documents. but this conector return a Java.util.list.

Please help!

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As Bonita BPM Studio contains connectors for Alfresco 3.4 and Alfresco 4.2, i also use cmis connectors, with the above configuration:
* admin's username/ pass
* repository name: Main Repository
* Binding type: atompub
* atompub url: the link location of CMIS 1.1 AtomPub Service Document of my alfresco http://alfresco-host:8080/alfresco
* leaving empty the service url related params
* use /bonita as folder name. This folder is placed in the alfresco under
http://alfresco-host:8080/share/page/repository (where i have added some files)

In my pool, I have created a document variable, e.g. named doclist and enabled the multiple type.
I used the doclist variable to save the output of the List Documents cmis connector (set document list).

In my form I have added a container widget, and set
collection : context.doclist_ref.
Inside the container I added a link widget, and set
text: {{$item.fileName}}
type: custom url
url: "/bonita/portal/"+ $item.url

You will get a list of links to your documents.

Hope this helped.

y.g. The bad thing is that the content of your alfresco documents will be copied in your donita's database.


Submitted by szapatag_1349039 on Tue, 05/29/2018 - 15:16

Thanks for your answer mtsiak_1358773, i will do it today
I'll confirm if this works for me!....

realy thanks for your answer...

Submitted by szapatag_1349039 on Wed, 05/30/2018 - 22:14

hi, sorry

i get an error "Caused by: org.bonitasoft.engine.core.operation.exception.SOperationExecutionException: Document operation only accepts an expression returning a list of DocumentValue"

can you help me?


Submitted by mtsiak_1358773 on Thu, 05/31/2018 - 08:07
  1. is multiple type enabled in your document parameter? The output (result) of the cmis connector set document list to this document parameter?
  2. have you tested your cmis connector, alone, and verified its results?
  3. part of your functionality in contained at File upload and download process example
    It could help you in the UI part, and document valiables settings.