LDAP Authentication for Portal


We've got LDAP/AD connector integration successful in a process, but all users will access workflow through Portal sign-in.

Is there a way to integrate PORTAL sign-in with LDAP authentication?


Submitted by nedwiles on Sat, 12/19/2020 - 05:13

I did everything, thanks for help.

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This one is the BEST answer!

Synchronization with LDAP for the Portal is available in our Subscription editions.

However, many developers with Bonita BPM COmmunity edition use the LDAP connector to create a small sync process between LDAP and the Bonita user database. You can then use a timer start and set it every 24h, for example.


Submitted by fvaneyk on Wed, 05/28/2014 - 11:51

Thank you for the answer. That is a perfect way to import the users to the local DB. How do I authenticate against LDAP real-time when users log into Portal? Rather than authenticating against a local password

Submitted by ttoine on Wed, 05/28/2014 - 12:07

I am not sure this is possible with Community edition


Hi, can someone give directions to use this JAR in 7.11.4? or any other updated direction to authenticate Community Edition with AD/LDAP?

Thank you for your support.


Now AD/LDAP authentication is available for Bonita community edition.

1. Add the bonita-server-7.6.0.jar file into WEB-INF/lib/.
2. Add the bonita-community-adldap-config.properties file into the WEB-INF/classes, and edit the connection parameters accordingly.


Submitted by antoine.mottier on Mon, 01/29/2018 - 10:28

Limitation of this solution is that authentication will actually be handle by the Active Directory / LDAP server but the user will no exist in Bonita Engine database. Users must be created in Bonita Engine database for various reasons including tasks dispatch, privileges management... The tool that synchronize users from Active Directory / LDAP server to Bonita Engine database is only available in Subscription Edition.

Submitted by imnamin on Mon, 01/29/2018 - 13:35

Thanks for bonita-adldap_sync. I've used this a amazing solution for Synchronization issue, while my solution has solved the **Authentication **issue.

Submitted by jescobara on Fri, 05/18/2018 - 05:18

Hi, please you can explain how do you modify the bonita.engine.jar file.
I looked the adAuthentication implementation, is very simple. I tried to do in bonita 7.6.3 but I don't know how.

thnaks for you help

Submitted by joaoafricano_1359688 on Mon, 05/21/2018 - 17:04

Hi imnamin, could you share the source code of Bonita-server-7.6.0.jar with LDAP Authentication???
I would appreciate.