LDAP - ldapAttributeList - EMPTY RESULTS


Hey friends i have problems with the LDAP TEST CONECTION firts my conection (resolved) now my ldapAttributeList, doesn't show nothing, i used the same BASE DN and filters an another LDAP Explorer and this show it ok,

But why bonitaSoft comeback a empty list ?

this is my result https://www.dropbox.com/s/n8ckahxgpk0xks7/Captura.JPG?dl=0

I´m having many problems trying to implement LDAP with bonita Studio, somebody that can help me with this process.. ?

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This one is the BEST answer!

well... to fix this problem is necessary little code to complement the return LDAPList Attribute

import org.bonitasoft.connectors.ldap.LdapAttribute;
def dnList = [] //defines dnList as temp variable for input
ldapAttributeList.each { // for each element in ldapAttributeList (this is the result you get form ldap query)
dnList.add(it.get(0).getValue()) //add the value of the actual element to dnList