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i'm new to bonita software and i'm trying to create my first application. I have created a simple home page with a link that open the starting process form. Next i have to execute more task in a row and i don't know how to execute the task using the form i have created without open bonita portal. I have to convert every custom form in a page an the add it to application?

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I do not know if it is an option for you, but you can use the tasklist in your own application if you want. So that you do not have to re-implement everything.

From admin portal > Applications > edit your application by clicking the 3 dots ("...") icon. Add the page named 'custompage_tasklist - TaskList'.

Otherwise, if you really want to implement your own tasklist, from the UIDesigner, in your home page create links to the Task form using the link widget. You can find a working example there: Github :nchabanoles/bonita-forum-answers/Link task in application

This example has been implemented with Bonita Community 7.10.3. You just have to import it in your UIDesigner (of the same version):

currentUser (ExternalAPI) :../API/system/session/1
tasklist (ExternalAPI) : ../API/bpm/humanTask?c=10&p=0&f=state=ready&f=user_id={{currentUser.user_id}}

collection: tasklist

Link widget:
Type: Human Task Form
Task Id: $
Text: Link to {{$}} form

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Captain Bonita