Mac High Sierra and Legacy Java, Is anyone aware of this issue?


I have been using the Community Edition for a few months now, and recently changed my MacBook. Now I can't get 7.5.4 to work, but then I can't say whether it worked on the other MacBook as High Sierra is new, so didn't have time to check.

I have the latest version of Java installed (v8) and I get an error asking for me to install Legacy Java SE 6 Runtime. When I install the legacy version, I get an error message telling me to install version 8 of Java.

It appears that Bonitasoft may not be recognising the later version once the Legacy version is installed.

So I have been chasing a circular issue around.


Submitted by jaime.soto_1356421 on Mon, 11/13/2017 - 14:09

I'm having the same problem. Did anyone found a way to fix this issue?

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