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hi everyone ,
I have problems when using BonitaBPM and MongoDB connector. I have used the following article to link between Bonita and MongoDB :

I have followed all the steps. But, I had some problems. The connexion between MongoDB and BonitaBPM is done. All the documents could be added or deleted or updated. The problem is that I didn’t got the results shown in the Bonita BPM form. The results are shown only when I create a Business process that includes only read tasks, as presented :

The results are shown below:

But, when for example adding the delete task, I got this result when executing the process

thanks in advance


Submitted by Sean McP on Mon, 04/10/2017 - 00:37


so logically it is the delete task that is causing the error.

Here is my suggested approach.

  1. REMOVE the Connector in the delete task and run again, it should work
  2. Add the Connector back to the delete taskand run again, it probably won't work

There you go it's your connector, it's failing...

Have you looked at the logs? What do they say? Have you added any debug code to the Connector to see what is happening?

Also have a look at this post (also includes debug code) as it works fine:


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