multi instance of subprocesses?



I've some problems with a project. i don't know how i must proceed with bonitasoft. I explain it.

The fisrt thing to do is to enter a number of students punished in the week. while the number of students is not reached, i must encode : - the name of the student and how many time he is punished. - prevent the director that the student must stay longer in school. When the student remained punished the time decided, the director validated that the punished is finished. The workflow is terminated when all punishments are done. A resume of all is mailed to the teacher.

First question: So, I create a first step with a form (field :qtystudentpunished) I suppose that : the step (form) "encoding of the student 's name+duration " and the step (mail) "ok, punishement is done" is a subprocess ? And so, i must create a multi instance between the first step and the subprocess ?

Second question: How is it possible to send only one mail with all informations when the workflow is finished?

Thanks for you help


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Hi Phil,

indeed you can use a multi-instantiated call activity to resolve your use case.

  • first activity in the main process would be a humand task with the form (field :qtystudentpunished)
  • second activity would be a multi-instantiated call-activity. its target being another pool in which you can design both activities "encoding of the student 's name+duration" and "punishement is done"
  • third activity of the main process will be computing the results, eventually being also the one sending the email (that's would be the easiest solution). Only then your process is finished

if you would like to send the email independently of the process, you would design another process, eventually starting on an BPMN event such as a message start event (main process finishing by sending a BPMN message to the email management process with needed data), or a timer start event (main process finish normally, the email management process would check every morning or every week if there are some finished cases in the chosen period of time, if some exist, then it will send an email, otherwise, do nothing).

Cheers, Renaud