Multiple Documents and Comparison between versions. Need more information...


Hi Bonita,

apologies if I sound a bit peeved but I've spent the whole morning trying to see how to develop Multiple Document handling scenarios (documentList) in 6.4 Community.

And it looks like it's not available.

I've searched the Community, I've looked at the video here (and see it is SP but no one has answered the questions from others) and read the documentation here, documents, and read how to handle documents.

No where does it say specifically (or I can't easily find) that Multiple Documents (documentList) is not available (more correctly not useable) in Community.

Could I humbly ask you either:

1) UPDATE the documentation ASAP so people don't waste time trying things that simply will not work, our time is precious too. 2) CREATE and make available a real Developers Comparison Document, because I couldn't find one; one that states with authority what is available in which edition of the software, and ensure it gets updated with each release. This should include the differences in API functionality too. The Compare Editions web page is simply not detailed enough and reading JavaDoc... for example...

Accessor class that retrieve APIs in Bonita BPM Subscription Edition. Be aware that if you accidently use TenantAPIAccessor instead, you will have only access to Community Edition APIs, which give access to less functionalities.

tells us nothing, what are the less functionalities?


3) Make Multiple Documents available to the Community Edition as well.

Obviously option 3) is my preferred, and being able to show the business how easy it is is likely to proffer better marketing probabilities for Bonita...well that's my view.

For now I know how to develop my work around and it will not be pretty, but it has to be done...

As I say apologies but that's Sunday morning down the drain as far as I'm concerned...

Many thanks and looking forward to the new 6 whenever it comes and what it has in store for us.

regards Seán

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