Multiple instanciation - Task loop and cancelation


Hi everyone!

I have a process that calls two sub-process which are the same process. (X calls Y1 and Y2), and Y_Is the same process but I send two different settings.

These sub-processes are basically one loop-task asking if the user wants to approve or cancel something. The loop task is set for a list of approvers, and each loop task is independent.
But what my problem is: I want to cancel the other task when one is refused.

For example :
X calls Y1 and Y2.
Y_ have a loop task with 2/3 “loop” for 2/3 users.
Y_ display a form with 2 buttons: continue and cancel. If the user chose to cancel the process Y1, I want the task from Y2 to be removed and the process to stop.

I tried to send a message when I cancel the task and catch it with a Boundary Catch Message on the other process, then the catch Message goes to a “Terminate End”.
But this does not works properly, it catch the message goes to the Terminate End (I guess) but it keep the task.

Maybe I use the message event wrong or perhaps it’s because of my task-loop that does not work.
If anyone have a clue for my problem of a fix.

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