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Hello. I am newby in bonita bpm and trying to learn about it in practice. So, i decided to implemet some proccess to figure everything up.

So, i wonder if there is any way to implement multiple execution of some logic for multiple users. I am trying to create something like this:

Imagine process: some process initiate start of auction, where any (or some) user can place bet. Then the highets bet wins, and process goes to the winner.

I see some dificulties in implementing this logic: 1) How can i get list of users to send them notification about start of the auction 2) How to initialize several processes of making bet 3) How to agregate data in auction process from "bet-making" process

I know, that sound a bit dummy, but i cant find any information about implementation of such logic. If anyone have any advice of how to handle this - please help.


Submitted by Dibyajit.Roy on Tue, 10/03/2017 - 11:23

Your scenario can be implemented in Bonita BPM.
I did a process based on Voting system where selected users give vote.
I collected all the votes (basically its Boolean value ). I can show list of users who votes true and those who voted false.
here is how I think you should approach your problem
1) get list of users - This is a pretty basic task. All you need is to create a simple API to pull users based on group name.
I created a API where I provided Group Name and number of Users . It returns a list of users in that group. I make use of the Identity API. There are methods like getuserId and getUserEmail etc.
Return username or Userid or userEmail.
Attach this output to a checklist in the Form.
This way you can select the users you want.
2) How to initialize several processes - This is called multi Instantiation or Parallel Instantiation .
Check the Bonita Documentation for more info.
3)Save the values from each user in the Database. multi Instantiation handles the activity of inserting rows in the Database.
Now collect the Info submitted by Users and display them.


Submitted by amanemys_1352033 on Wed, 10/18/2017 - 16:53

Thanks, really useful info, finally have idea of how to implement this case

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