Next page function in the User Postal doesn't work anymore


After the last browser updates in December 2018 the next-page-function in the user portal (community edition) doesn't work anymore. Instead of the script-code for the buttons (which I get when I use the IE Version 11)

div class="pager pager_bottom">
*span class="page_count">1 of 2 */span>
* span class="results_count">1 - 10 of 14
a class="prev disabled disable">Previous/a>
a class="pagenum disabled disable current">1/a>
* a class="pagenum enable">2/a>
*a class="next enable">Next

there is only the div class="pager empty pager_bottom">/div>

(I replaced the sign "<" with "*" for posting my script)

So it isn't possible to get the next tasks or the next processes.

In the javascript error log, I got the following error messages.

unreachable code after return statement enable.js:83:2
unreachable code after return statement loading.js:87:5
unreachable code after return statement loading.js:110:5

Can anybody help me?

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Hello Transmit,

Could you create the issue on the JIRA project with all the resources necessary to reproduce (instructions, screenshots, etc.)? This will help a lot to investigate and track the resolution progress.