not found page error when clicking on travel request



This is related to the tutorial, i have created the application and everything thing is fine except that when clicking on new travel request then i get page not found issue.

As per tutorial page

URL seto to "/bonita/portal/resource/process/Travel%20Request/1.0/content/?id="+processDef[0].id

But when i hover the mouse on the request button, i can see only /bonita/portal/resource/process/Travel%20Request/1.0/content/?id=

As there is no value for processDef[0].id

Version 7.8.3


Submitted by antoine.mottier on Wed, 04/03/2019 - 14:46

Can you use the Studio "export" button to create a .bos file with your process definition, BDM and application page? Then if you can share it with us using Google Drive, Dropbox... Having a look a the process might help to figure out the issue.

Also I'm guessing that the URL to start the process is not correctly build because the variable processDef is not correctly initialized. That might be due to an issue in the definition of this variable initialization. Or it might be because the process definition is not deployed (in the Studio process is deployed on the Bonita embedded test server for example when you click on the run button).

You can use the developer tools (F12 key shortcut) of you web browser to see the HTTP request and maybe view which one fail (e.g. with a status 404, 500, 401...).

Also as you are using Bonita 7.8.3 I recommend to always use the associated documentation version ( instead of

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This one is the BEST answer!

This is solved, i got an issue with the process name as it wasn't right.