open task form without opening the task list page


I am trying to implement a specific behavior that simplifies the actions needed by the final user.

the behavior is as follows :

- user starts a process, which is automatically assigned to him (this is already done)

- once the process is started, i want to open the assigned task form in full screen immediately, without having to go to the task list, select the task and open the form in full screen.

Is this possible to implement ?

(PS: i am trying to send a link the will send the user directly to the process initiation, which will start the process, assign it to him (or if it is a guest then not assign it) then open the form to be filled and validated)

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Hi Mike,

In your process design, you will define an instantiation form at pool level. This is done in Bonita Studio:

If you have initialized business variables based on a Business Data Model, this form will be automatically created in UI Designer based on the available variables (when you click on the pencil)

Otherwise you can link it to the form you've already created.


Submitted by mike_1989256 on Tue, 08/04/2020 - 09:52

Thank you for the help :D !