Oracle Test Connector Error


Hi , i create sample process for retrive data from oracle database 10g and it perfactly worked .

know i want to use this config in my orginal process on which i m working

i just save and load that configrator in exsisting process , but it gives error

Unsupported expression type of testing

-Input perameter 'script' use an expression containing unreachable referance

How i can resolved this issue , i use same query table and it is exsist on db and this connector config as well work fine if i create new process and test it


Submitted by ttoine on Mon, 03/24/2014 - 15:09

hello, could you please provide more details ?

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"-Input perameter 'script' use an expression containing unreachable referance".

Seems like you are setting a variable called 'script' that is just...unreachable. Can you post your code?

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