Is posible to relaunch a failed task/case?


Hi experts,

We're using Community Edition 7.3.3.

Customer is asking if it's possible to relaunch a failed task or case. I think that is not possible in Community, but don't know exactly in the other releases.

Can you help me?

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This one is the BEST answer!

Hi Jose,

I've just made a quick test to check. You can replay a failed activity or connector with the ProcessAPI.

Look what I've done :

  1. Start a process that sends a mail, connected to localhost:25, and with a FakeSmtp server not started. That way the connector fails.
  2. Created a new "Admin" process that : 1- type in the task ID you want to replay, 2- execute a script "apiAccessor.processAPI.retryTask(Long.parseLong(taskIdToReplay))"
  3. Start the FakeSmtp server
  4. Get the faild task id
  5. Launch the "Admin" process, type the ID
  6. The connector is reexecuted and the mail is sent :)

With the Community edition you cannot do it in the portal, but you can create batchs or scripts to replay failed tasks / connectors manually



Submitted by josegante on Tue, 03/07/2017 - 11:26

Really helpful, Pierre. Thanks!

Submitted by josegante on Thu, 03/09/2017 - 14:10

Hi Pierre,
I'm reproducing exactly your test case (by the way, thanks a lot for introducing me FakeSmtp, it's great!).
When FakeSmpt is down, my task fail when sending the email (it's a connector-in), but I don't know how to get the failed task id, as the case seems to die after the connector fails.

Submitted by p.clainchard on Thu, 03/09/2017 - 14:24

The activity might be in failed state. To get it, switch to Administrator mode, and check for Failed Cases. Select one failed task, and check in the URL (like : http://localhost:8080/bonita/portal/homepage#?isarchived=false&id=20096&_p=taskmoredetailsadmin&_pf=2 )

Submitted by josegante on Thu, 03/09/2017 - 16:16

Great! I did it! Thanks a lot Pierre!



Yes this is not available on the CE edition, it's only available on the Subscription one.



Submitted by josegante on Tue, 03/07/2017 - 00:01

Thanks Lionel,
Could you post some screenshot/doc to show it?