Postgres KPI capturing task information


I am using Subscription Bonita 7.3.0 and Postgres 9.2.18.

Having successfully set up a postgres KPI I am attempting to create entry and exit activity KPI. These would ideally capture the user who started and finished an activity, the activity information (process, case, and task) and the start and finish date & time.

Has anyone done anything like this? I have found the inability to use a script when setting these variables in the KPI to be very challenging, it has forced me to create a number of local/process variables. I would prefer to use Bonita's KPIs rather then build my own, is there any way to capture this information for KPI easily when entering/exiting an activity.


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You need to use EVENT HANDLERS which are only available in Subscription. See here:

There are lots of events you can "manage" however if there are some you are missing/don't understand I would suggest you contact Bonitasoft Support for more information. Here on the Community we don't see this level of capability as Community doesn't have event handlers.


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