Problem connecting to external PostgreSQL DB using connector


Bonita BPM 6.5.2. Community PostgreSQL 9.4

I am very new in using Bonita. I am studying it to use in production. I stuck in pretty simply task. I need to create connectors in order to get and update data from/in external client base (PostgreSQL). I created connector in lane, entered correct info for connecting to the database but can't event test connection with simple queries.

Here are my steps:

  1. Choose connector - PostgreSQL 9.2.
  2. Choose driver - PostgreSQL.

  3. Enter DB access information. DB is hosted locally.


  1. Put simple test SQL query. Further I did not choose any additional dependencies.


  1. Here I suppose to see information from the table, but I got this (and have no I what to do with it):


  1. Then I tried another query with choosing dependency:



With a bit different result:


I supposed that using DB connector will allow to use pure SQL queries without the need of Groovy scripting or Java code, at least for simple tasks.

I would be grateful for any hint and advise. Thank you!

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Hi, I have same issue have you figured out what the problem was ?