Problem with history.back() in a bonita button



I am using bonita forms with my own application, and I need to have a button to return to the home form of my application. I tried to put an html attribute onclick="history.back()" in a button, and in IE works fine, but when I try to execute it on Chrome, ok, it returns to the main form but when I try to show the bonita form again it shows a popup for each widget (textbox, radiobutton... etc) the form have. If I clean all de navigation data an restart chrome, the popups stop, but it crashes again when i click on the button.

I tried to put html tags meta to avoid the browser cache, but nothing happens.

The popup text is like:

An element with id textbox1 is missing from the page template.




Submitted by eduardo.gonzalez_1 on Wed, 06/25/2014 - 16:15

I think the problem comes when Bonita try to inyect the widget in the div's generated in the layout, ajax can't find them and shows the error. Its something like chrome looses the layouts....

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