Problem Previewing Tab Containers


Hello all,

This morning I was working on the UI and I was setting up a Tab Container. This is the error I got and I have no idea how to fix it or why it's happening. I've tried restarting my web server, Bonita Studio all together and even my computer. This is the error I find in the console.

Uncaught SyntaxError: Failed to construct 'WebSocket': The URL 'wsockets/623/qc84zosx/websocket' is invalid.
Uncaught Error: [$injector:unpr]$injector/unpr?p0=localizationFactoryProvider%20%3C-%20localizationFactory%20%3C-%20i18n

Any help is welcome. (I'm on Bonita 7.1.3 community edition.)


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What generates this error, is that the vendors are getting the incomplete way. To eliminate this problem I edited the file to handle with this. Then edit the vendors-1472572145629.min.js file (you can rename it, just see the name of the browser by the browser name), which is in the folder C: \ {{pretty}} \ workspace \ tomcat \ webapps \ designer \ WEB -INF \ classes \ static \ js

Search for === "http" and change the method that addresses this question

var z = y.websocket = function(a, d) {
var e = this,
f = d + "/websocket";
if(f.slice(0, 4) === "http")
f.slice(0, 5) === "https" ? f = "wss" + f.slice(5) : f = "ws" + f.slice(4), e.ri = a, e.url = f;
f = 'ws://' + + window.location.pathname.substring(0, window.location.pathname.indexOf('/', 1) + 1) + f, e.ri = a, e.url = f;

    var g = b.WebSocket || b.MozWebSocket; = new g(e.url), = function(a) {
    }, e.unload_ref = c.unload_add(function() {
    }), = function() {
        e.ri._didMessage(c.closeFrame(1006, "WebSocket connection broken"))


Ok, so I was missing just one thing and it worked beautifully. I cleared my browser history. The problem wasn't just affecting tabs. Angular.js in fact wasn't even processing the entire page.

Anyway, I hope this helps other people who may come about this problems. Cheers!