Problem in request HTTPmethod


I use the HTTP request method to change and update the assigned_id variable of a task, as demonstrated below:

var request = $http({
method: "put",
url: "../API/bpm/humanTask/"+ $,
data: {
"assigned_id" :$

            }).then(function successCallback(response)
                    method: "get",
                    url: ""../API/bpm/humanTask/"+ $,
                }).then(function successCallback(response) {
                    $ =;

            }, function errorCallback(response)
               console.log("error " + angular.toJson(response, true));

But there is a problem if I want to change any other variable in an API, apparently this code only works for assigned_id. Using this same code to change the displayDescription variable nothing occurs. What is the problem? How do I make a code to change other variables from an API? It is possible?

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