Problem retrieving information from API in Form


Hi Guys,

Last week I downloaded the Bonnitasoft Community Edition 7.8.3.

I am testing it followinf the Bonitasoft Bootcamp (

Following exercise 3, I need to retrieve information from API to populate the approval form. In my case, it is not working:

Here are the form variables I have created:

requestor : External API _ ../API/identity/user/{{request.requestorId}}

In a text box, I try to use it: Requestor: {{requestor.firstname}} {{requestor.lastname}}

It does not display the information in my form. If I test the REST url directly, the proper JASON object is retrieved.

Any idea is welcome


Submitted by antoine.mottier on Wed, 04/03/2019 - 12:27

To help figure out what happen I recommend to use the web browser tools (usually with F12 key shortcut) to display the HTTP request being sent from Bonita form to the Bonita Engine. You might get more details there.

Also you might want to share your process by exporting the diagram as a .bos file and use a service such as Google Drive, Dropbox... to share the file here.

Did you also define the request variable with type "External API"?
Can you take a look at the web developers tools has mention above to see the result of the REST request to get the vacation request and requestor information?
Also in your process definition did you named the business variable request?
And in the BDM definition did you name the attribute of the vacation request requestorId?

I'm asking all those question because naming convention is used and if it's not exactly the same name between what has been declared in process / BDM and what is used in forms it might lead to some issues.

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