Procedure to update Bonita to latest version with Mysql



I need to update Bonita 7.6 to 7.11.5, with Mysql 5.5 to 8

in the documentation:

It looks like I can just run the migration tool completely till the 7.11.5, and then update the Mysql version from 5.5 to 8

Is it correct?

It looks that this procedure is different from Oracle and Postgresql where basically you have to:

  • migrate Bonita to 7.8.4
  • update the database to supported version
  • migrate Bonita from 7.8.4 to 7.11.5

Why this difference? Could you please clarify?


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This one is the BEST answer!

Yes you read correctly. The procedure for mysql is: migrate Bonita, then update mysql.

It's different from postgres/oracle because there is a hard incompatibility between older bonita versions and mysql 8 (meaning, you won't be able to install a bonita 7.8 on a mysql 8).