Process variable not taking value from select widget in a multiple page form


Dear Bonita BPM community.

I have defined a process with two process data: productTypes, which has been created as a text list of options, and productType which is Text. I created a task with a two-page form. The first form has a select widget (productTypeSelect) whose values are taken from productTypes and the second form has a non-editable text field which shows the product selected in the previous form. I tried to achieve this behavior using the "output operation" in the data field of the select widget so that: productType takes value of field_productTypeSelect. However, when I select a product in the first form, the variable productType doesn't take the corresponding value. Instead, it has a null value. What can I do to achieve the expected behavior?

Thanks in advance!!


Submitted by nasser on Thu, 10/02/2014 - 12:45

Try to use jquery to fulfill your behavior, as the operation will not take effect until the submit bottom is clicked. This is as fare as I understand, but I am not sure.

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