Pushing the limits of Bonita?


Bonita Community Edition 6.2.4; Windows 7: I realize I might be stretching my mind here a bit but I was wondering as well if I could call DLL API methods on physical instruments through Bonitasoft using jsp or perhaps an ASCII bridge. What I'm really trying to accomplish is to create logic and rules around what the instrument is able to do so a process can see them as resources to perform work. If they can perform the type of work needed and they are available then the instrument or system(multiple instruments) becomes tagged in the logic and allocated to do work. I was hoping that bonitasoft could drive some of this logic. Think of it this way: a process user/actor is at the top of the pyramid and they are looking to get some questions answered. That user knows nothing about the remaining logic in the process, other than what rules based activities they need to know at their point, because he/she only interacts with a UI at the front end for submitting inputs into the process. What they are looking for is data on the back end. Once a submission is made there are 2-3 other sequential processes that will interact with the inputs to produce the output utilizing instrumentation; it comes full circle. If the BPM flow knows the work can it be used as a translator layer to communicate with the "black boxes"(instruments in this case) to get the work done? I'm just trying to learn and realize the potential of the software and I'd appreciate any details you can offer.

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