Reading forms through the rest ui?


In order to build a flexible front end around Bonitasoft we need to be able to determine what variables a user task expects. I don't want to tightly couple my external web pages to the current version of a workflow because then I need to change the front end every time I change a diagram.

I am looking over the rest api documentation now but if anyone knows how to do this that would be helpful. Ideally I would be able to read the field names, types, and any validation logic; however, I can probably use naming conventions to implement the validation logic / corresponding variable in the front end without needing to read it from Bonita if necessary.

Advice, experience, etc would be appreciated.

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This one is the BEST answer!

If my understanding is correct you want to build a custom user interface for the end user.

We don't provide API to query the form definition associated with the process definition and I won't recommend to go that way.

My advise would be to build a kind of catalog (e.g. in a DB) that will store association between Bonita Step + Process definition and your custom user interface pages. That should give some flexibility between process and user interface. In such situation, your customer user interface can use API to get all information about pending steps, process definition and process data.

Note that I would recommend Bonita Java client library if your custom UI is Java based, REST otherwise.