Redirect user to custom page after session timeout


Hello everyone,

I've a process created which has multiple tasks includes custom connectors, services, human interaction, email etc. For each human task type, I have given the timeout value to 10 mins. Process runs with anonymous user using 'Auto-login' feature enable. Anonymous user which is created to run the processes does not have any profile assign.

When an user initiates a process and he/she waits for sometime say 30 mins to feel the required form data. In backend, process engine will be keep monitoring the timeout value and it will kill/complete the process if it doesn't receive any signal in specified timeout duration (i.e. 10 mins). After session timeout, when user clicks on submit/next button it shows the bonita login page.

My requirement is when user clicks on submit/next button and if browser session is expires, I want user to redirect/show some custom page instead of showing bonita login page.

I tried achieving this by defining the custom login page by going to 'Process swim lane' --> 'Application' --> 'Resources' --> 'Log in page'. But unfortunately this does not work. I tried looking the solution on various blogs but couldn't help.


I am using Bonita 6.3 with MySQL 5.1. I would appriciate if anybody can give some clue or help to move it forward.

Mayank Jain

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