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How to remove a certain item from BDM through a script in Groovy?
I can access my BDM Logs but I can not delete them, how can I do this?

I'm getting the data from my PostgreSQL database and saving in my BDM to be able to display this data in a table in my UI Designer, that's fine, but I do not want the same information to be added twice in BDM, for that reason I created this script that checks if the information that is being fetched from my external database is no longer added in BDM

`def transportadoraNova = []
for (TransportadoraPostgreSQL transportadorasBDM : transportadorasBanco){
for(TransportadoraPostgreSQL transportadoraAVerificar : listaTransportadoras){
if (transportadorasBDM.getCodigo().toString().equals(transportadoraAVerificar.getCodigo().toString()) && transportadoraAVerificar.getCodigo() != 0){

But I can not delete repeated information from BDM, how can I do this?


Submitted by Sean McP on Sun, 03/05/2017 - 21:34

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I guess you want to delete data from fields. If yes, you can do so it using this code below:
1. Get currentBDM
2. Create newBDM
3. for each field in currentBDM{
4. if(fieldRequired){
5. copy to newBDM
6. }
7. }
8. Exit

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