Repeat the container for a collection of data


I have tried the same steps as mentioned in documentation to deletion from container a particular item which are as follows:

In the container, add a button widget on the same line as the input widget labelled Fruit type, with the following properties:

1.Label: Remove this fruit

2.Alignment: right

3.Style: danger

4.Action: Remove from collection

5.Collection: $collection, to point to the current collection, fruits

6.Remove: Item, to remove the current item related to this line

7.Item to remove: $item, to reference the current element

But on click the delete button corresponding to a row still last row is only getting deleted. I want to delete a specific row by clicking to its corresponding delete button. I am using community version. Please let me know whether it is possible or not in community version and if possible then how to do so?

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Hi !

Does your JSON variable contains several items with the same value ?