REST API Extension


Hi, i would like to create REST API Extension for Bonita that can return file (to download). I stores files on a server machine and on call GET MyRestApiExtension Service i would like to server file, that can be download. On RestApiResponseBuilder i set mediaType n application/octet-stream and i also add additional header "Content-Disposition" but i have problem to server files bytes to response.

Have anyone do this or is it even posible.


Submitted by antoine.mottier on Tue, 02/12/2019 - 19:33

To make sure that I answer correctly, can you confirm that:

  1. Your file is stored on the file system of the server where Bonita web application is deployed?
  2. That you want the user to be able to download the file from a Bonita form?


Submitted by krzysztof.gemse... on Tue, 02/12/2019 - 19:40

Hi, thank you for interest about my topic.

1. Yes, the file can be stored for example on the server filesystem.

2. Yes, for example on Bonita Application Page.

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