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Hi guys,
We were wondering if there is a way to deploy all the REST API Extensions at once for the Studio ?

Use Case : I import my workspace in a new local repository, I have 10 REST API Extensions.
For now I have to select the Extensions one by one, and select Deploy...

Can we do a global maven build ? How can I know the Maven Phase executed by the Studio when you click on Deploy... ?

Cheers :)

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Today it is not possible to do such thing, at least not that I know. Your point is totally valid and it is seriously considered for the platform roadmap: we are trying to make the deployment much efficient from the Studio to the embedded Server.

In the meantime, the workaround could be to create a script that removes, builds and deploys REST API Extension resources for a given workspace/repository using Maven and Bonita APIs (REST or Java). Maven would be used to build (mvn install works well on my side) and Bonita APIs to remove and/or deploy artifacts.



Submitted by p.clainchard on Fri, 09/07/2018 - 11:01

Hi Pierrick,
I'll have to try to do it, but after my holidays :P
Thank you for your response, I'll give an update if I make any progress !