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I am designing a process where in the first application form it is necessary to look for the person who will be in charge of performing the second task. For this I have an API that brings me all the information of the organization and through an input field performs the search. This search is reflected using a table as you type the name, then when you find the person in the table clicking on it loads the information in the other fields. The search and upload of data is correct, however clicking on the person's name within the table also continues to search. Ideally, clicking the name of the person in the table will load all the information in the other fields of the form and within the table is left with only the name selected and no more searches or other matches of that name.

I use the following API to bring the information:
../ API / identity / user? S = {{formInput.oComprasIni.nombreRuteador}} & p = 0 & c = 100 & d = professional_data & d = manager_id
The input field for the name is assigned the field: formInput.oComprasIni.nombreRuteador

In the table loads the information that the API brings and to select the person a string type variable is placed in the row property of the table, called seleccionRuteador.

To load the data, a script is used which loads the information by clicking on the row with the name.

$data.formInput.oComprasIni.nombreRuteador = $data.seleccionRuteador.firstname; //+ " " + $data.seleccionRuteador.lastname;
$data.formInput.oComprasIni.dptoRuteador = $data.seleccionRuteador.professional_data.address;
$data.formInput.oComprasIni.idRuteador = $;
$data.seleccionRuteador = "";

Does anyone know how I can solve this? Or if they have a different way for this could you tell me?
I would appreciate it.



PD. They could explain how to upload an image within the questions, since I have tried it several times and it is not displayed. I think it would be easier this way to explain my case.

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This one is the BEST answer!

I have solved the problem using the filter property of the Data Table widget, since the Table widget does not bring it by default.


Submitted by vgonzalez_3 on Wed, 11/16/2016 - 15:06

If someone could tell me how to display an image inside the forum, I would appreciate it, regards.



Sorry for some reason my response was empty.

I wanted to say that it would be easier to troubleshoot the issue if you could share your process (BOS file) or an image.

As the forum has no upload capability for now, I would suggest to use a third part application to host your file and share the link here.



Submitted by vgonzalez_3 on Wed, 11/16/2016 - 15:08

Hello, I received the notification of your response, but I appear empty, greetings and thanks.