SELECT widget selected value


Hi All,

I have a SELECT widget that works perfectly, except for the fact that it doesn't display the current default value. It always defaults to the placeholder value.

This SELECT has the following parameters:

Placeholder: "Select an option..."

Available values: type_list, an external API variable that returns this JSON structure

  {"label":"Option 3","key":"3"},
  {"label":"Option 1","key":"1"},
  {"label":"Option 4","key":"4"},
  {"label":"Option 2","key":"2"},
  {"label":"Option 5","key":"5"}

Displayed Key: label

Returned Key: key

Value: newIssue.reclasification, an external variable that holds the currently set value. I'm displaying this value above the select widget and it has one of the valid values (1, 2, 3, 4 or 5). Is this correct? Should I use the item label as default value?

The correct value is returned when I select one of the options. It's even saved to a BDM object. It is required, so the form cannot be submitted unless I select an option.

This is Bonita Community 7.5.4.

What could be the problem?


Edit: Upon further testing, I've noticed other select present in the form is reset to its placeholder when I select something in this select, but not the other way around. Can I have more than one select in a form?

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