Showing results of previous step in a table



I am new to Bonita!
I am working on an app which handles the working hours of a firm. The following is a general scheme of my current diagram:

I have three forms for adding/editing working hours, updating the hours and reviewing the hours. First the employee enter his proposed hours, then his manager reviews them and approves or rejects his hours. If the outcome of review is rejection, the employee has to update his hours and send them again for review. But if manager approves the hours, the whole thing is sent to the accounting unit which is also the end of this process.

Data model:
WorkingHours: DailyHours(*), isApproved, comments
*: DailyHours: startDate, startHour, endHour

Some screenshots:
Edit hours form(1st step):

Review hours step(2st step):

My problem is that I cannot show the hours entered in the edit step(1st step), in a table in the review step(2nd step).
I would appreciate any help.

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