Someone had the same problem with this Pierre´s solution custom-Page-ChangePassword?


Hi, I have a problem with this very good page and I do not know why the error is happening.

When install the Page-ChangePassword in bonitasoft 7.5.4 developer in localhost Windows its work fine but when I install in Bonitasoft Production Server at Linux this shows the blank page.

Thank you for the help


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Thank for your appreciation !

Could you give me this information please?
* your server is working with Tomcat or Wildfly ?
* Did you deploy the page in a profile or in an application ?
* Could you:
- open the Debugger (F12 on Chrome) and access the Network part
- click on the menu
If you have nothing, clear your brower cache and retry

You should have a list of REST API. Do you see an error (a Rest Api with a status != 200) ? Which one? Which error?
Thank for your return,