StartProcess - Assign a Process automatically when one user...


Hi there,

I remember reading about how to StartProcess (through code) and it would be automatically assigned to a User when there was only one user possible to execute it.

can someone who knows what I'm talking about point me to where to find it again...then I can use it...

Many thanks and best regards Seán

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This one is the BEST answer!

You can use Bonita Engine API (using Bonita Java Client library) or Bonita Web REST API to start a process instance programmatically.

When you create process instance programmatically it will skip the case start form. The process will be executed until it reach a blocking event (e.g. intermediate timer event) or a human task.

In order to automatically assign a task to a user you need to use a filter that will return exactly one user id. The filter also need to be configured to auto assign the task if filter return a single result (method shouldAutoAssignTaskIfSingleResult of the filter).